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Our strategy at Roy.can be summed up in one sentence: We invest in our employees to deliver a memorable client experience. Full stop.

Roy. only selects the very best employees on the market by hiring

only 3.4% of applicants monthly.

We strive to become the best cleaning service provider in Canada by 2025. How will we make this happen? By becoming the best employer in Canada by 2025. How? We invest in our people to deliver noteworthy operational excellence because we fundamentally believe that happy employees perform better and help promote the company to our clients.

Our distinctions

Roy.’s quality assurance

Roy.’s dedication to providing professional and high-quality commercial cleaning services is demonstrated through the application of various policies, including the Quality Policy stating that Roy. is committed to:

  • Assessing every client’s needs
  • Understanding client needs and making sure they are met
  • Offering a fair price for the services required
  • Delivering meticulous and prompt services based on the Roy. Method
  • Using the appropriate tools to ensure that services provided are consistent with contractual requirements
  • Complying with the equipment and machinery maintenance policy
  • Complying with the environmental management and sustainability policy

Roy.’s HR policies

To ensure quality service and provide a healthy and safe work environment for our 2,550 employees, Roy. is committed to implementing the following HR policies:

  • Staff evaluation policy
  • Training and skills development policy
  • Workplace discrimination and harassment policy
  • Employee health and safety policy

Our values



The desire to work together and create strong connections



The fortitude to overcome challenges and the strength of character to work hard



The powerful and modest ability to be real, without artifice



The capacity to quickly take action and solve issues before they become problems

Roy.’s promise

Our unique value proposition distinguishes us from the competition and has sealed our reputation of excellence since 1954.

  • Immediate satisfaction
  • Industry’s lowest turnover rate
  • Zero staff shortages
  • Available 24/7

Growth strategy

Roy.’s strategy can be summed up in a single sentence: We invest in our people to deliver a memorable operational experience.

  • Employee onboarding
  • Training courses and skills development
  • Top employer culture

The environment: our priority

since 2003

Roy. was the first in the industry to go green. Our teams are working hard to implement tangible solutions to protect the environment through the creation of an environmental management and sustainability policy.

  • We encourage the use of ECOLOGO and Green Seal certified products.
  • We use bulk-size, concentrated products to reduce our plastic consumption.
  • Our toilet paper and paper towel supplies are made of recycled materials.
  • Part of our vehicle fleet is electric to reduce our C02 emissions.

A dedicated client area to serve you better

In line with our goal of developing lasting relationships with our clients, this dedicated space is teeming with contract-related documentation, practical tools and useful links to communicate quickly and effectively with our teams in the field. Another reason to entrust your building’s commercial cleaning to the teams at Roy.

07 Romain Thibault 3830

Romain Thibault

Training Instructor

Roy. Campus

Employee training at the heart of our reputation for excellence

To attract and retain the best employees in the industry, we focus on creating training paths, targeting both know-how and soft skills, developing our leaders’ expertise and providing our recruits with basic technical training as they join the team. We have always believed that the best way to ensure operational excellence is to invest in our workforce.