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Technique 06
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TechniqueTechnical services

Technical maintenance of commercial, institutional and industrial buildings

Roy. Technique offers specialized technical maintenance services with the goal of maintaining your buildings to the highest industry standards to:

  • Maximize user comfort
  • Ensure the sustainability of electromechanical systems and architectural infrastructure
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Maximize environmentally friendly practices and sustainable development based on green building criteria

RBQ No. 8331-1035-51

CNESST placement agency licence no.: AP-2000538

Autorité des marchés publics (AMP) licence no. 3000360680 (authorization to contract or sub-contract with a public body)

Roy. Technique:

the go-to for building technical maintenance

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Enjoy fully supported, structured technical services that strive for excellence

Technique 02

Benefit from the services and expertise of our Human Resources management team

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Access a vast pool of technical personnel

09 Jean Francois Northrup 5390

Jean-François Northrup

General Director, Co-founder and Partner, Roy. Technique

Our building

technical maintenance services

Roy. Technique provides technical maintenance services for electromechanical systems and architectural infrastructure to institutional, industrial and commercial clients based on their needs and objectives and in keeping with our standards of excellence

Optimize the value of your buildings with our technical management services

They too trust in Roy. Technique for building technical management