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Cleaning and security, a complementary service

Roy. Security meets the security service needs of Roy.’s commercial cleaning clients. All security guards with our subsidiary Roy. Security have security guard training in protecting commercial, institutional and industrial properties against theft, fire, vandalism and other unforeseen events. They all have a valid licence issued by the Bureau de la Sécurité privée.

Pairing your security and commercial cleaning services is ingenious.

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Resource, workforce and cost optimization

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Service oversight and quality control

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A strong and trusted team

06 Steve Martin 2073

Steve Martin

Operations Manager

Your security

is our priority!

At Roy. Security, our security guards are known for providing reliable security services. Whether for site security assessment, enforcement, parking management or dispatch services for alarms and 911 calls, our security guards are trained to handle situations requiring security intervention in a professional manner. All our security guards have first aid and CPR training They are also trained in preventive security and the assessment of potential threats and hazards that could compromise security in your establishment. The security guards at Roy. Security are all subject to a rigorous selection process, a thorough background check and intensive security guard training by certified instructors.

A range of security services to complement your building cleaning services

Security client testimonials

Combining Roy.’s Cleaning and Security services allows us to offer our student community a professional service, meet our legal obligations and make significant savings.

Gaston Pelletier

Collège Champlain

They too trust Roy. Security for ensuring building security