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Campus 04Campus 03Technique 05
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GroupRoy. Campus

Learning is in Roy’s DNA.

Since its foundation, Roy. has encouraged upskilling through training and development. It is in this spirit of excellence that Roy. Campus was created, providing both a welcoming environment to train new recruits and an academy dedicated to the professional development of leaders in the field.

07 Romain Thibault 3830

Romain Thibault

Training Instructor

Onboarding Campus

Commercial cleaning can be learned

The Onboarding Campus was created in 2019 with the goal of training new recruits in commercial and industrial cleaning best practices.

Given the initiative’s positive results for mobilizing new employees and building client confidence, we created a wide array of training options to better equip our recruits on the technical and soft skills they need to succeed in the industry.

Training Program Offered to All

Fall 2021

Training program open to all

Winter 2021

03 Isabelle Leblanc 4355

Isabelle Leblanc, CRHA

Vice President, Human Capital and Organizational Development

Leader Academy

Investing in our leaders

The Leader Academy was created in September 2019 to develop the leadership and administrative skills of our current leaders to ensure a smooth succession in key positions.

This initiative stems from our desire to stand out as a top employer and is founded on our core strategy of investing in our people to offer operational excellence.

With skilled, compassionate and engaged leaders at the helm, our employees are more engaged and organized, and they offer superior service.

Training programs for current leaders

By Invitation - Fall 2021 and Winter 2022